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Shorinji Kempo - Juho Techniques 

Okuri Gote, Shorinji Kempo Juho animation

Juho locking throwing techniqueJuho techniques are the 'soft' techniques within Shorinji Kempo. They consist of throws locks/pins and eludes.

These techniques are applied when a person is grabbed or pinned by an attacker. Movement is used to take the attacker off balance and to take advantage of the momentum of the attack.

Juho techniques are applied to the weakest area of the attack, e.g. an elude requires the technique to be applied to the weakest part of a hold, a throw may use the attacks momentum, or the defender may move to unbalance the attacker to execute a throw.

Meeting force with force is a principle never used in Shorinji Kempo, but by moving with the opponents' direction of attack, and not resisting, one can capitalise on their momentum to execute a technique.

Shorinji Kempo is an effective from of self defence for anyone of any age, sex, or size, its main advantage is that it requires no strength to perform any of the techniques, just the technical knowledge and practice.