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Shorinji Kempo Goho Techniques

Han-Tenshin-Geri, Shorinji Kempo Goho animation

Shorinji Kempo goho image 1Goho techniques are the 'hard' techniques within Shorinji Kempo. The main principles of these techniques involve using body movement to avoid an attack, blocks to deflect a punch or kick and counter strikes to prevent further attacks. The blocks do not meet the force of the attack with force, instead they deflect the blow often or are used as a cover to protect the body.

All counter strikes are aimed at vital/weak points on the body allowing less force to be used for greater effect.

Although Kempo is equipped with techniques for offence as well as defence, they are all based on the principles of 'defence first'. Thrusts and kicks are always preceded by blocks. Inherent in the structure of Kempo, is the concept that at no time should Shorinji Kempo techniques be used to initiate attacks. This is for moral reasons as well as strategic reasons, while an attacker attempts to strike their attention is focused on attacking and they leave themselves open to the defenders counter-attack.

Using these techniques a small relatively weak person can effectively defend themselves against a bigger and stronger attacker.

It should be noted that all Shorinji Kempo strikes are designed to incapacitate an opponent without causing them injury, and to use the minimum force necessary. Using Shorinji Kempo should be the last resort, any conflicts should where possible be resolved peacefully.